First Test Post on New Refuge

Let’s talk here without interruption.

Your first comment will go into moderation.

I will let you out a.s.a.p. (i.e., I may be away or sleeping, etc.), and after that, you can post without going into moderation.

We should have far fewer lockouts over here.

We’re done with the bullshit.

We’re going to make life a living hell for these fuckers.

I will clean up the site here later, but from now on, no more bullshit.


234 thoughts on “First Test Post on New Refuge

  1. Just checked my comments and saw your response, I’m all clear now and very much appreciate everything you do, thank you. God bless you and your loved ones, abundantly. 🙂❤️

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        1. How are you with moving to this new site at some point within the next week? WordPress has a deal that gives me twice as much resources for half what I’ll pay at And if we get kicked off there, I have several more potentially better solutions lined up.

          Plus, we can move all our fancy plugins to WordPress and get the new commenting system back.


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