Sandy Hook II, Trans Limited Edition

Site is down, DHS likely involved. I will explain when over. My resources to respond are limited – they knew.



38 thoughts on “Sandy Hook II, Trans Limited Edition

    1. There is an interesting clue in one of the “trans” photos of the shooter. On the wall behind him, there is a photo which seems to be him, with short hair. He is wearing a Boy Scout uniform.

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      1. Seems they don’t like transparency…

        Or maybe, trans, parents see…

        And to think, when I was in Scouts, the left used to say it was a paramilitary organization. Now they’re using it for their, erm, activities…

        GOD Bless those poor families, and all the classmates and their families. Children are being (ab)used again… Ephesians 6:10-18 and Matthew 10:26-28. Prayers up for the trees and all the branches (and the knotheads, too 🙂 )… And the “Ents” as it were IYKWIM…

        At another site for sore eyes, someone is artfully dodging a lot of facts about the perp. Much that should have been known became suddenly unknown, as if a million bytes were crying out to be read and not red…

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      2. Someone was mentioning how quickly said “tools” were acquired, especially considering the proximity of the perp’s birthday, time needed for checks, and, for someone supposedly poor, how much that kit had to have cost……

        FWIW, Scouts ends at 18, sometimes earlier, with a move to Explorers (if they havn’t borked that too)…
        Wonder what rank and what merit badges were attained… anything useful, or the fluff ones (conservation of natural resources comes to mind…)…..

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          1. Congratulations.

            I’m an Eagle too (but I tore up and threw away the congratulatory letter from President Nixon… didn’t realize then that he’d been framed, and made some bad decisions, and likely got bad advice… )…..

            Wish I hadn’t been so hasty…

            Back in the day, Scouting built character, self-reliance, and a helpful attitude (do a good turn daily)…. wonder what their motto is now…

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      1. As posted from life raft, mainstream news says “it” was loosing weight during the lock downs from chubby to thin which these pics may be showing. Two chubby, two thin.

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  1. Article and images of Ramos from Eggplant. There’s still another image that has 4 pics of him cross dressing. It was in a tweet. Anybody got that? I can only find this one at bottom, other may have been deleted.

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  2. Personally, I’m dropping “trans” back to “maybe” on this guy. I don’t fully trust their “debunking”, but it’s probably too late to prove definitively.


  3. Wolf Moon
    Methinks Uncle WP didn’t like my Prizer post of earlier today — I can’t post or reply at The Q Tree. I get a “Nonce is invalid” error message in a red box.

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    1. You gotta log out and log back in. Kill the tabs to here. Give it a fresh try.

      What’s interesting is that I’m seeing your avatar differently on WordPressDotCom sites. You need to make sure and log in using WordPress on our site.


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