Critical Documentary for Understanding the Dynamics of Great Reset vs. Great Awakening

Thanks to Grandmaintexas for finding this amazing video, which I am promoting to a post, so that other bloggers and websites might see it and pick it up.

Most of us are familiar with all the elite names, but we really don’t understand even a tiny fraction of how, precisely, they relate to each other.

We don’t understand how their NETWORK operates. Not really.

What’s really surprising is how simple it all is, when presented clearly.

While the information in this 1-hour video is skeletal, it is essential, core-cutting, and brilliantly presented. It provides a FRAMEWORK that PROVES how the different players in the elite relate to each other.


And it’s EXTREMELY Q and “Great Awakening”, and you WILL see why.

Somebody wants you to see this and STAND THE FUCK UP.

You will NEVER, EVER back down when confronted about the Rothschilds or George Soros as “conspiracy theories” after you watch this. You will LAUGH at anybody who tries to pretend these elite scumbags are not key players in the problems we face. You will know HOW they are affecting us, and that it is NOT good.

You will understand WHY they’re doing what they’re doing.

WHY they did what they did on January Sixth.

To call somebody a “Soros D.A.” will mean something – that she’s a SHOE-SHINE GIRL of the elite.

Watch this sucker, I urge you.




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9 thoughts on “Critical Documentary for Understanding the Dynamics of Great Reset vs. Great Awakening

      1. At the very least, no longer allowing them to believe that they control what we know. Watching the meltdown over the upcoming Tucker J6 show, or the Let’s Go Brandon code gives me a little hope.

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        1. Yes. I believe that we can only bring it down in the same way the Soviet Union was brought down – by the method that Solzhenitsyn describes, of making their big lies universally unbelieved. FJB / LGB is the beginning of that.

          When nobody plays along with their pretend world, they only have force, and the forces only have embarrassment at what they defend.

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          1. I do creative posts on FB to get around the censorship, and recently asked if anyone was getting any benefit from my covid info. I was surprised that a classmate (Taxachusetts liberal) reported that she’s undergone a 180. One at a time, baby! I don’t claim credit for that, but it does give me hope.

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              1. Spelling and spacing help, like “vacks” and “i v e r m e c t i n.” Some photo memes are apparently recognized immediately. I got a serious warning for the one about Fauci’s report on chloroquine from 2005,, which prompted my general question on FB. I should save photos that I want, since sooner or later they’re gonna take me out.

                I have fewer than 3 dozen friends, and most are liberals from high school days. I post stuff like “at least don’t allow them to inject your grandchildren.” Whatever might give them pause. You know how deluded the left is.

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              2. Great thoughts. Children and grandchildren really swing the argument – people get REAL very fast on that angle.

                One thing I am finding working with others is simply the idea of “waiting until we know more”. Waiting has helped almost everything for the side of rationality and REAL skepticism.

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